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Recycled Plastic Battens save time, effort and money as they bring long-term cost benefits with 100% savings on maintenance and replacement budgets. Made to a high specification they are the ideal replacement for wood in building and construction projects. Recycled plastic battens are particularly useful in situations where water ingress, damp or condensation might be expected. They need no special treatment or painting and can be worked with normal woodworking tools.

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Recycled Plastic Wood - 38 x 38mm

Recycled Plastic Wood - 38 x 38mmFrom:  £20.96

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Used for studding and framing in garden sheds and garages and any outdoor building work. Has the look and handling properties of wood with none of the disadvantages. Available in 4 different colours

Plastic Wood | Synthetic Wood | Recycled Plastic 50 x 25mm

Plastic Wood | Synthetic Wood | Recycled Plastic 50 x 25mmFrom:  £3.83

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Idea for bench slats and various other applications that require a light weight strong material that has the appearance of wood, but with non of the set backs of wood.

Recycled Plastic Lumber | Mixed Plastic | Batten - 50 x 25mmFrom:  £4.67

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Made from 100% recycled plastic these battens will outlast us all. Widely used for studding under cladding and many other battening applications.

Recycled Plastic Wood | 38 x 22mm | Batten/Gate Stop

Recycled Plastic Wood | 38 x 22mm | Batten/Gate StopFrom:  £2.78

Add to BasketA great complementary product to our Recycled Plastic Gates. Zero maintenance and easily cleaned. Available in a various colours and dimensions. 

Recycled Mixed Plastic Square Post | Nailer Batten | 40 x 40mmFrom:  £3.21

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No painting required and will last far longer than wood.


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Use of recycled plastic lumber in any building or construction project will reduce the carbon footprint of the job and make it easier to meet the demands of environmentally sensitive projects and building regulations designed to reduce global warming. Recycling plastic makes a valuable contribution to the global effort of reducing waste and pollution and keeps plastic out of landfill and incinerators.


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