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Recycled Plastic Picnic Bench Maintenance-free long lasting Kedel Limited Colne Bench 4 Seater Robust Maintenance-Free Long lasting Recycled Plastic Alternative to wood Maintenance Free Recycled Plastic Fence Panel School Playground Bright colourful school play den outdoor play equipment Recycled Plastic Raised Bed Maintenance-free Rot-free Long lasting= Rainbow Colne Seat Outdoor Furniture Kedel Park Garden School Playground Kedel Eco Table Recycled Plastic Childrens Outdoor Playground Furniture
Picnic Tables Benches Outdoor Classroom Play Dens Gardening Rainbow Furniture New Products

Case Studies of Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture in Schools, Nurseries and Colleges

Red Monkey incorporate Kedel's Recycled Plastic Playground Equipment Accessories
in their Outdoor Playground Equipment
at St George's Nursery, Oadby in the Midlands
Recycled Plastic Ship's Anchor - Pirate Ship Accessory

Recycled Plastic Anchor Accessory

Full story here

Recycled Plastic Scull and Cross Bones Flag - Pirate Ship Accessory

Recycled Plastic Scull and Cross Bones Flag Accessory

Belmont Community Primary School in Lancashire - April 2014
PTA Funded Refurbishment Project Installs Recycled Plastic Maintenance-free Outdoor Seating

A Cost Comparison Study - Recycled Plastic vs Wood - Shows Considerable Savings in Whole Life Cost

Recycled plastic will last for decades with no replacement or maintenance costs 

The products will also continue to look good throughout

Raising funds is often easier when the whole life cost savings of the project are pointed out

Donors see value for money projects as very attractive investments

Recycled Plastic Fencing - A Housing Association Case Study 
Recycled Plastic Fencing Kedel Recycled Plastic Fencing
Recycled Plastic Raised Beds Case Study
Popular Products
Multicoloured Tees Bench - Garden/Park - No back - Recycled Plastic

Multicoloured Tees Bench - Garden/Park - No back - Recycled PlasticFrom:  £127.00

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A simple, robust outdoor bench for school playgrounds, recreational areas,community play areas or a private garden. Anywhere children sit or play. Will never rot and lasts for generations. Recycled plastic throughout.

Recycled Plastic Lumber | Mixed Plastic | Batten - 50 x 25mmFrom:  £4.67

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Made from 100% recycled plastic these battens will outlast us all. Widely used for studding under cladding and many other battening applications.

Thames Garden Bench - 3 Seater | Recycled Plastic Wood

Thames Garden Bench - 3 Seater | Recycled Plastic Wood£285.83

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A beautiful 3 Seater Garden Bench made from British Recycled Plastic. Fully assembled. Manufactured from recycled CD cases and old coat hangers. Does not warp, crack or splinter and no surface splinters for little fingers. The UV protected colours are embedded in the plastic during manufacture, so no need for painting. A unique maintenance free garden or recreational area bench.

Recycled Plastic Lumber - Mixed Plastic Boards - Ultra - 150 x 25mm

Recycled Plastic Lumber - Mixed Plastic Boards - Ultra - 150 x 25mm£19.84

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Recycled Plastic Planks 150 x 25mm  - A popular profile used for raised beds, planters, garden edging, fascia boards, barge boards, and quayside buffers. Tough, solid board that will never rot or need preservatives or paint


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