Raising Funds for Education - fund raising tips

Don't be afraid to think big

Sometimes big projects turn out to be easier to raise money for than small ones.

Value for money, long-term investments

It's worth mentioning that raising funds for a long-term value for money project is usually easier, as it's attractive to would be donors.

Recycled Plastic Products such as the one's Kedel offers, last at least 5 times longer than treated wood, yet their whole life cost is much less, as they will never need painting or preservatives, and are unlikely to need replacing for decades.

Here's a little video about one such success story we were involved with.

Interesting fund raising ideas from Australia

And this link is from Australia. We included it because we thought they had a lot of wonderful creative ideas for fund raising, some of which we have never seen before:


Keep coming back - there'll be more

We will be adding more links and ideas in the future so do pop back here from time to time.

What ideas can you share?

If you have any novel fund raising ideas you would like to share, do please send them in, and we'll post them up for everyone else to see.

Send them to our dedicated fundraising e-mail address.

Spread your success stories

If you've been particularly successful at fund raising send us news of your successes and we'll spread the word.

Video success

And if you've made some videos of your activities for YouTube we'll post the links to that too.

It will inspire other schools and education institutions to reach for the stars just like you.

Links to a few good ideas

So, here are a few links to sites we thought would help you get off the blocks fast.





Tell us what our best links and ideas are?

If you find any of our postings and links especially useful, do tell us what you think were the best of the bunch.

And finally, here's a tip from Steve Jobs from Apple:

"My model for business is 'The Beatles'. They were four guys who kept each other's kind of negative tendencies in check. They balanced each other and the total was greater than the sum of the parts. That's how I see business: great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people."

The same applies to fund raising. Great fund raising is done by a team working together.

I wish you great good luck with your fund raising project.

Lewis Walch
Kedel Fund Raising Manager

Popular Products
Multicoloured Tees Bench - Garden/Park - No back - Recycled Plastic

Multicoloured Tees Bench - Garden/Park - No back - Recycled PlasticFrom:  £145.35

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A simple, robust outdoor bench for school playgrounds, recreational areas,community play areas or a private garden. Anywhere children sit or play. Will never rot and lasts for generations. Recycled plastic throughout.

Thames Garden Bench - 3 Seater  Recycled Plastic Wood

Thames Garden Bench - 3 Seater Recycled Plastic Wood£379.00

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A beautiful 3 Seater Garden Bench made from British Recycled Plastic. Fully assembled. Manufactured from recycled CD cases and old coat hangers. Does not warp, crack or splinter and no surface splinters for little fingers. The UV protected colours are embedded in the plastic during manufacture, so no need for painting. A unique maintenance free garden or recreational area bench.

Recycled plastic lumber - mixed plastics - Tongue and Groove - 147 x 34mm

Recycled plastic lumber - mixed plastics - Tongue and Groove - 147 x 34mm£29.99

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Eco-friendly, maintenance-free tongue and groove boards that are ideal for a variety of applications and will last, at least, 25 Years.

Recycled Plastic Lumber  Mixed Plastic  Batten -  50 x 25mm

Recycled Plastic Lumber Mixed Plastic Batten - 50 x 25mmFrom:  £6.26

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Made from 100% recycled plastic these battens will outlast us all. Widely used for studding under cladding and many other battening applications.


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