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The Thames Bench - recycled plastic furniture

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The Recycled Plastic Furniture industry is one of the fastest growing and most creative industries in the UK. And so it should be!

Recycled Plastic Facts

  • World consumption of plastic is about 100 million a year according to WRAP (Waste Resources Action Programme), 75% of that ends up in landfill sites.
  • According to government and industry estimates, up to 30% of landfill contains plastic waste.
  • It takes up to 400 years to break down.
  • Here in the UK we only recycled about 24% of the 5 million tonnes of plastic we use a year, even though ALL plastic is recyclable.
  • Germany recycle 44% of their waste plastic.
  • 75% of UK plastic waste goes straight into landfill.
  • This is scandalous when you consider that one recycled plastic bench can use 1000 recycled plastic milk containers.
  • Government aims to send zero % of plastic waste to landfill by 2020.

Choosing a Recycled Plastic Furniture Product From the UK Helps the Environment

Better use of waste plastic will require the cooperation of both individuals and industry, and you can help, both by buying recycled plastic products as well as pressuring your local authority and local businesses to recycle more.

The Practical and Economic Advantages of Recycled Plastic Furniture

  • Using recycled plastic in the form of recycled plastic furniture saves you time and effort
  • Recycled plastic furniture will last for decades without any maintenance
  • However wet it gets, recycled plastic furniture will never rot
  • Never requires painting or toxic chemicals to preserve it
  • Stays looking good continuously throughout its long and productive life
  • Saves you money - Taking into account the need to start maintaining wooden furniture after 2 years and inevitably replace the item after about 7 years, recycled plastic furniture is up to 80% cheaper than sticking with the traditional wooden variety
  • At the end of its life, or if you just want a change, it can be recycled all over again

Besides the obvious ethical and moral reasons for using recycled plastic, and the convincing economic advantage, it's clear that Recycled Plastic Furniture really is the best outdoor furniture you can buy.

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Popular Products
Irwell 4 seater recycled plastic garden bench

Irwell 4 seater recycled plastic garden bench£534.00

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The 4 seater Irwell bench named after the river Irwell. Built to last and with a more ornate, stylish foot. Maintenance free. 

Multicoloured Tees Bench - Garden/Park - No back - Recycled Plastic

Multicoloured Tees Bench - Garden/Park - No back - Recycled PlasticFrom:  £145.35

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A simple, robust outdoor bench for school playgrounds, recreational areas,community play areas or a private garden. Anywhere children sit or play. Will never rot and lasts for generations. Recycled plastic throughout.

Plastic Wood Raised Bed  Recycled Plastic

Plastic Wood Raised Bed Recycled PlasticFrom:  £49.99

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Our Raised Beds (Garden Beds) are good value. Never rot. Made from British Recycled Plastic

Thames Picnic Table  Recycled Plastic

Thames Picnic Table Recycled PlasticFrom:  £482.50

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A traditional style Picnic Table, but not made from wood though often mistaken for it.  These picnic tables will never rot, crack, or splinter. Made from Plastic Wood manufactured from recycled CD cases and old coat hangers. Colours are UV protected against fading, are non-absorbent, hygienic and easy to clean. Remove graffiti with WD40 and ultra fine wire wool. Perfect for anyone wanting the aesthetics of wood but none of the maintenance issues.


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