Outdoor Seating for Schools - Belmont, Lancashire

Kedel have just installed this Recycled Plastic Outdoor Seating Solution at
Turton Belmont Community Primary School in Lancashire.

Before refurbishment

Turton Belmont Community Primary school playground before refurbishment

After refurbishment

Turton Belmont Community Primary School playground after refurbishment with recycled plastic seating

Cost savings

The school playground was in need of a complete upgrade, and the primary school's PTA funded the Outdoor Seating for the school, opting for a 'value for money' long life product in Recycled Plastic.

Gareth Lane, Deputy Head Teacher said, "We love the idea of using recycled plastic for our outdoor seating because we are a very eco-friendly school, always going for the next eco-award opportunity, and this seemed the most sensible and plausible option to choose".

The whole life cost was much less than a wooden equivalent, a fact confirmed by cost comparison studies carried out by WRAP (Waste Resources Action Programme), an independent body supported by all 4 UK governments to promote recycling.

Wood soon looses its attractive new appearance, and generally needs maintenance after just 2 years and complete replacement after 7 years.

This Recycled Plastic Outdoor Seating for schools is part of the Ribble Rainbow Range of Outdoor Classroom furniture supplied by Kedel Limited.

It will never need any toxic preservatives or paint and can be expected to last in the region of 40-50 years without any maintenance.

PTA Support

Mrs Maxine Le Good, Chairman of the Belmont Community Primary School's PTA who funded the refurbishment, came to look at the new installation on the first day back after the Easter Holiday break.

"We chose recycled plastic outdoor seating for the school because it's very durable, doesn't rot, and its bright green colour is UV protected. It will still look great even in a few years, so no more run down look or maintenance costs. And look how delighted the children are," she said, "they think it's Christmas."

Recycled Plastic Outdoor Seating Key Benefits:

  • No maintenance bills
  • Does not rot
  • UV protected against fading in direct sunlight
  • Graffiti resistant, hygienic and easy to clean with normal household cleaning materials
  • Water proof - after rain, wipe dry with a towel and pupils can use immediately with no damp bottoms
  • Does not warp or crack and 'no splinters for little fingers'
  • Lasts at least 5 times longer than treated wood
  • Recycled and recyclable - a useful teaching aid for eco education


Turton Belmont Community Primary is a member of the Eco-Schools group and the teacher responsible for the Eco-School's programme, Emma Seed, was delighted to be getting recycled plastic outdoor seating, as it serves as a great example of what happens to all the waste plastic being recycled by the children and their families.

"It will help the children understand how useful our recycled plastic waste can be," she says, "and provides concrete evidence of our school's eco-friendly ethos."

The growth of Recycled Plastic Outdoor Chairs in UK schools and colleges is driven by demand for a maintenance free product, as well as the desire to inspire an eco friendly approach that protects the environment.

Like Turton Belmont Community Primary, many schools are aiming to gain the Green Flag award, an international award programme, that guides schools on their sustainable journey. It aims to provide a framework and foster the growth of green principles in the ethos of every school.

Installing this eco-friendly outdoor seating at Turton Belmont Community Primary School is an excellent example of how every school can both encourage green principles, while at the same time investing in a long term value product, that can reduce the school's annual maintenance and replacement costs by up to 80%.

How to Order

For Ribble Rainbow Outdoor Seating for Schools or any other Outdoor Classroom Furniture in Maintenance-free Recycled Plastic, contact Dermot Walch by e-mail, via our online enquiry form, or call 01282 861325

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