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No Splinters for Little Fingers

Thursday, 3 February 2011  |  Lewis

No Splinters
for Little Fingers!

New product launch from Kedel Ltd.

Another outdoor maintenance free product, and here it is - A Child's Outdoor Storage Bench.

Not only will it be ideal for reception, nursery and junior schools but  it would be a useful asset for any home too.

Dual purpose outdoor furniture that keeps things that should stay outside out of sight, and keeps your home cleaner and environment more ordered as a result, and a bench low enough for even little children to sit on and take off their muddy boots. At least this is what we designed it for.

Pack away everything from muddy wellies, gardening tools to outdoor toys in this child friendly storage bench.

Measuring 1.6 meters long and made from 100% British recycled plastic this bench won’t warp, rot or turn mouldy, and being plastic, insects won't be boring into it either.

Produced to the same density as wood, it not only looks and feels like wood, it is much safer, as it is non-flammable, has none of the toxic preservatives normally found in the wooden alternatives, as well as being splinter-free.

It doesn’t retain any water, so it will never be damp for little bottoms to sit on either, provided you wipe it off after rain of course!

So now you can be environmentally friendly, child friendly and reduce your maintenance bills too, because this bench will never need sanding, painting or any more attention other than an occasional wipe down with soapy water, and grafitti or even scratches can be removed with a little WD40 or that orange extract cleaner and some 1000s wire wool when necessary.

At just £275 inc VAT for a truly useful product, that will look like new for a lifetime, without giving you more things do, and never needs replacing, has got to go down as a gift from the gods.

Suitable for children from 3-10 years

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