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New Product - HDPE Alphabet A-Z and Numbers 0-9

18 February 2014  |  Lewis

At the end of March or possibly even earlier, we will be releasing two sizes of alphabet letters A-Z (H)600 and (H)400mm both upper and lower case, as well as 2 sizes of numbers 0-9 (H)600 and (H)300mm cut from brightly coloured 6mm thick HDPE sheet.

Indoors or Outdoors

These can be used both indoors and outdoors. They will not rot or fade, so could be attached permanently to outdoor structures all the year round whatever the weather.

And if by chance it should flood, your letters and numbers would remain bright and totally unaffected, ready to resume their teaching purpose once the flood waters recede.

Hygienic and easy to clean

If they do get a bit dirty they can be washed with normal detergent or even jet sprayed.

High % of Recycled Plastic Content

Although it is difficult to get HDPE in bright colours while still utilising a lot recycled plastic, the sheet we use for our products is up to 80% recycled material.

It would be nice if it was 100%, but until a cheaper way of sorting the different colours and types of waste plastic comes about in Europe and the UK in particular, it remains quite expensive to achieve bright solid colours with recycled plastic.

When many colours of waste plastic are mixed together you get quite a muddy result which is difficult to turn into a nice colour.

So an 80% recycled content is actually very good at the present time.

Low Carbon Footprint

Recycled plastic has a lower carbon footprint than virgin plastic.

Compared to virgin plastic, tonne for tonne, manufacture of recycled plastic produces 250% less carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming, consumes 66% less energy in production, uses 1.8 tonnes less oil, 90% less water, releases 66% less sulphur dioxide and 50% less Nitrous Oxide. Yet we are still only recycling 50% of the plastic bottles we use.

It's astounding that so much plastic still goes into landfill or gets incinerated when we know that landfill sites already contain so much plastic that businesses are emerging to mine the plastic and other combustibles from landfill to make energy.

What we need are more uses for recycled plastic and greater demand for products made from it such as these beautiful letters and numbers for schools.

Most of Kedel's Recycled plastic products contain 100% local and national recycled plastic and we are working towards sourcing more recycled plastic ourselves locally to further reduce our carbon footprint.

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