Delux Raised Bed (L)1.4 x (W)1m x 260mm with Seat Surround

Delux Raised Bed (L)1.4 x (W)1m x 260mm with Seat Surround
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 Colour: Light OakColour: MahoganyColour: Black Walnut 
Our Price:  £249.99(Exc. 20% VAT)(£299.99 Inc. VAT)

Model:  RBDLX0005
Dimensions:  (L)1400mm x 1000mm(W) x 260mm(H) x 260(SH)

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The Story of the Lonely Raised Bed

Once upon a time there was a raised bed who was very special.

Unlike most raised beds he was made entirely out of recycled plastic collected from homes and businesses all over Great Britain.

He was unique in that he would never ever rot, never need painting, had no splinters and looked every bit like a piece of real oak even though he was really just a piece of plastic wood.

Being made of plastic wood meant he would have a very long life and plenty of time to grow full of wisdom from his wide experience of growing plants and flowers of all shapes, colours and sizes inside his long, wide, tall body.

Unfortunately no one was that interested, as there were so many other wooden raised beds around that people didn't give him the attention he deserved, as they thought he was just like all the rest, cause he really did look and feel like wood.

Then one day, a little boy called Dylan said to his Daddy, "Couldn't we put a seat around the edge of this lonely raised bed, and then everyone would want sit down beside him and he would have lots of friends?"

His Daddy thought this a very good idea. So very soon the lonely raised bed got a seat on all sides, and guess what happened?

Instead of being just like the other raised beds in some back garden or allotment this raised bed became a delux raised bed, and you may not believe it but he went to school.

It happened like this.

Many school teachers wanted to explain to children all about how things grow, and how nature recycles its own rubbish and turns it into beautiful things to look at and eat.

Nature is, after all, the best recycler, and has been doing it for millions of years.

The teachers saw the seating around the edge of this big raised bed and thought that this was just the right kind of raised bed for their school.

They could see that the children could sit on the edge comfortably to listen while the teacher explained all about nature's magic ways of keeping life going and recycling everything, just like we do when we put out our used plastic milk bottles in the recycling bin.

So, our lonely raised bed became famous, and every school and nursery wanted one, and he was very happy because he would never be left out again, and all the children in the school would get to know and love him.

They began to call him the Delux raised bed because he was so luxurious and comfortable to sit on.

He had more friends than all the other raised beds put together and lived happily ever after.

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A Raised Bed, 1 x 1.4m – matches our Mini Beasties Box

A raised bed designed with the outdoor classroom in mind with seating for little ones round the edge. The non-absorbant material can be wiped off after rain and bottoms will stay dry. Unlike wooden raised beds this one has special endearing features:

  • Will not rot, mould, warp
  • Has no splinters for little fingers
  • Never needs painting or toxic preservatives
  • Made entirely from British Recycled plastic
  • Looks and feels like wood, behaves like plastic
  • A no-maintenance product
  • Will last for generations


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