Recycled Playground Furniture -

A Recycled Plastic Picnic Table in Blue Plastic Wood from Kedel LimitedWhy choose Recycled Plastic and not treated timber for your Playground Furniture?

The purchase of Playground Furniture in the UK involves significant investment for any school, college or nursery.

The Local Authority or your Parent Teacher Association may be footing the bill, but it's your budget all the same, and you can't have your cake and eat it. So getting it right is very important.

We believe our Recycled Plastic Playground Furniture For Schools  is by far the most economical choice.

Considering the Cost

Even though wood might initially appear to be the cheaper option for playground furniture, it isn't, according to studies by WRAP (Waste Resources Action Programme).

Local Government, Housing Associations and Schools have been saving up to 80% on their maintenance and replacement budgets by refurbishing everything from fencing to picnic tables using a recycled plastic alternative.

But the cost savings are not the only reason you might prefer Playground Furniture in Recycled Plastic.

Consider the benefits of Recycled Plastic Playground Furniture for your school:

  • Does not rot - so you can forget about the annual maintenance and replacement budgets. You don't need them!
  • Requires no painting or toxic preservative - even bright colours added during manufacture have the highest level of UV protection against fading in direct sunlight - no peeling paint or the grey neglected look
  • Will not warp or crack and 'no splinters for little fingers'
  • Water, frost, mould and insect proof
  • Recycled plastic is hygienic and non-toxic
  • Vandal resistant–graffiti cleans off easily with normal household cleaning materials
  • Recycled Plastic playground furniture is continually exposed to the elements, but maintains its appearance, whatever the weather, year in year out. Avoid the run down look!
  • Looks like wood, but behaves like plastic. Some of our customers have actually complained, thinking we had sent them wood instead of recycled plastic, so you don't necessarily have to abandon the traditional look
  • Non-absorbent–wipe down and sit down immediately after rain - no damp bottoms
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of the school and keeps tonnes of waste plastic out of landfill and incinerators
  • Provides an example to illustrate the way recycled plastic can be used intelligently
  • Can be fully recycled at the end of its useful life or in case you fancy a change - the ideal choice for Eco-Schools
  • All these advantages, as well as the whole life cost savings and long term investment value, make it much easier to secure grants and PTA support, for your new Playground Furniture


Choosing Playground Furniture in recycled plastic is not just a politically correct, eco-friendly fad, but is a long-term intelligent cost saving strategy that makes best use of the funds available.

Three ways to order:

  1. Search this website and find the playground furniture you need and make an online order paying by card, cheque, BACS transfer or other method.
  2. Call us up on 01282 861325 to discuss your needs and we will try to advise on the best products to suit your requirements, including bespoke
  3. Drop us an e-mail or use our enquiry form

We are a family business and if you have any difficulty or questions we will do all we can to help. You can even arrange to visit us here at our manufacturing unit in Colne, Lancashire. We will always give you a warm welcome and put the kettle on.

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